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The Power of Effective Pay per Click Management.

There has been a lot of reporting lately surrounding two of the web’s biggest SEO marketers – Yodle and Reachlocal. Both are companies that have successfully positioned themselves as small business search marketing leaders.  But according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, many of their customers are expressing frustration on their inability to deliver…

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Managing AdWords Savings Through Optimization Services

For the small business owner, internet advertising is a necessity.  But the task of attracting new clients amid the vast digital landscape can be a tricky one.  Obviously, pay-per-click (PPC) is a highly effective way of connecting to your customers, but how do you manage the nuances of search engine results and keywords searches while…

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Google Shopping and Mobile Phones

With mobile e-commerce revenue increasing and conversion rates from mobile devices improving, I’m very please to hear that Google will now be displaying Google Shopping ads (aka Product Listing Ads) on mobile devices.   Google Shopping is Google’s price comparison service similar to Pricegrabber,, etc.  Whlie it is possible to list products on Google…

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