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What Our Clients are Saying


Mark Hellweg - Owner

As a business owner with lots of employees and processes to oversee, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the fast changes that occur in paid search and SEO. I’ve tried several agencies before and was always disappointed with the results.  Jason approached me with an idea for how he could effectively manage our Google Adwords campaigns with a focus on increasing traffic and conversions without blowing our marketing budget out of the water.  We’re still a client 18 months later, and I would heartily recommend Jason and 80twenty to anyone looking for high performance management, excellent reporting & metrics, and great overall communication.  The names says it all – Jason will not waste your time with minutia that doesn’t have a big impact on sales & profitability.  Jason has also helped us with A/B testing, SEO strategy, and landing page optimization.


Andrew Zellers - Owner

My name is Andrew and I own and operate a local Window Cleaning company in Portland, OR. When I first started my business, I turned to online deals where I had to offer my services for 50% off, which certainly wasn’t ideal. I wish back then I could have been using 80twentyweb for my online presence. They have provided my business fantastic service and it has yielded great results! Within a week of working with 80twentyweb I received several calls and emails for quotes, and more importantly, actual leads! My revenue increased 40% and only a fraction of that was used to pay for 80twentyweb’s service. More than worth it. Leads increased significantly, and within six months I had more work than I knew what to do with.

Additionally, the precision with which 80twentyweb uses to dial in the kinds of leads my business was/is specifically looking for has been incredible. Jason and his team have worked diligently with me to focus my online presence where I need it to be. Whether it’s window cleaning in the Spring/Summer, or gutter cleaning in the Fall/Winter, they have been very accommodating to my needs. It’s clear this company actually cares about my success by the way they’ve been willing to make adjustments to my advertising campaigns, sometimes in a matter of minutes! The folks at 80twentyweb have been honest, quick to action, and reliable. I highly recommend 80twentyweb to other service based companies like mine.


Jeremy Manalis - Owner

I highly recommend 80twenty Web for SEO and web services.  I have had countless web developers over the years who have fallen short in many ways. My experience with 80twenty is that they have consistently delivered in ALL the ways that the others had not. They are honest, responsive, thorough, informative, easy and fun to work with, and worth every dollar I have spent.


Christa Gutschenritter - Christa Taylor Photography

After experiencing several stressful transactions with other companies, 80twenty was a breath of fresh air.  Superb customer service, genuine care and going above and beyond my expectations.  For on-time deadlines and 100% satisfaction, I recommend Jason and his team to all my friends!


Zachary Seymour - Owner

I highly recommend Jason Orth for website design, management, SEO and AdWords.  He is friendly, takes time to find out what you are looking for, and then delivers on time.  Not only did he create our site over 2 years ago, he has consistently updated and modified it.  He created an AdWords campaign for us which has helped us get more traffic to the site and more business.  Any little request we have had at any hour has been resolved quickly – I feel like Jason goes out of his way to do a great job!


Elaini Garfield - Blogger

80twenty Web is THE best team you could have helping your site.  My blog wouldn’t be functioning without them. They are efficient and get things done before I even ask.  If you don’t have them assisting you then you’re missing out!